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Years of focused research and development have led to many of Husqvarna's breakthrough technologies. Husqvarna’s Low Vib® anti-vibration dampeners absorb vibration, reducing the impact on your arms and hands creating a more comfortable chainsaw experience. The combined choke/stop control will make your chain saw easier to start and prevents it from flooding. There Air Injection™ centrifugal air cleaning system reduces wear and extends your operating time between filter cleanings. One of there newest safety features is the TrioBrake™, a unique way of stopping the chain rapidly. This not only improves your safety, but also your technique and ergonomics.

Protecting the environment is a priority and mutual concern of Husqvarna. Together they have the power to minimize their strain on the environment. Husqvarna gas chainsaws are all equipped with the unique X-TORQ® engine which makes them less fuel consuming and reduces the exhaust emission levels in accordance with the world’s most stringent emissions regulations. There development never stops. They continually review and improve their line-up to ensure the're delivering the most efficient chainsaws for professionals and homeowners.